Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will see answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

  • What is "Hosting"? - Hosting is a service provided by a ISP (Internet Service Provider). The client pays a monthly fee and the ISP allows millions of Internet users access to your site. This fee can average from $29 to more than a hundred dollars depending on the size of your site. The quality of the hosting equipment (servers), affects the price as well. Some companies, that offer free or discounted hosting, will operate on narrow bandwidth and slow out-of-date servers. Thus your web site will be delivered very slowly or not at all in some cases.
  • What is involved with transferring hosting to Artic Designs hosting service? - Transferring your website to Artic Designs, Inc is a simple process. Before we begin, we will need information regarding your current hosting company and your current domain name provider. Please call us 404-213-4991 and we can provide you with step by step instructions. The information that you provide us will need to be 100% accurate in order for the transfer process to be seamless (In 99% of the transfers there is no temporary loss of email or web service).
  • Will I lose my email address if I switch hosting service? - No. You can continue to use your existing email address. There are many options in managing an email address. The options are more complex than can be described in this brief forum. Please call us to speak with a service rep to discuss your options in more detail. 404.213.4991
  • Does Artic Designs require a long-term hosting agreement? - No. We only require that you give us 30-days notice from the 1st of the month if you need to cancel or transfer hosting services. Many hosting companies require a 12 month commitment. We recommend you never sign this long-term agreement. If you ever become dissatisfied, you are obligated to maintain your relationship until the end of your agreement.
  • What are my options for paying the monthly hosting fee? - Monthly Hosting Fee can be paid by automatic debit through AMEX, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. We can also take Cash, Checks or Money Orders.
  • What does "FTP" stand for and what does it mean? - File transfer protocol. This is commonly used to transfer large files from a host server to a client, or vice versa.
  • Does Artic Designs offer incentives if I refer a customer? - YES! We appreciate referrals and will reward you in one of several options which best suits you. Please call us to discuss our current promotion and options. 404-213-4991
  • Are Credit Cards safe over the Internet? - Yes. Current technology on the web is based on a 40-bit encryption code that is safe, reliable and easy to maintain.
  • If credit cards are needed on my site, what is involved? - E-Commerce is a complex option to a web presence. Please call to speak with a service rep to discuss in more detail 404-213-4991
  • Can I use my web hosting account to access the Internet? - No. You need the two separate accounts. To surf the Internet you need a Internet Service Provider such as ATT, AOL, MSN, Comcast, Etc.
  • What is a "mail server"? - A mail server is a software program that distributes files or information in response to request sent via e-mail.
  • Can I SPAM and send unsolicited emails if I host with Artic Designs? - NO!  Artic Designs, Inc. is 100% AGAINST SPAM! If we receive SPAM complaints about your account, we will be forced to terminate your account without a refund. We can assist in marketing solutions that work much better than SPAM and that are legal and safe to use.
  • What is "bandwidth"? - The amount of data that can be sent through a given communications circuit.
  • What is a "virus"? - A virus is a program that replicates itself on computer systems by incorporating itself into other programs that are shared among computer systems. Software is available to help locate and destroy them before they can damage files on your system. Norton Antivirus™ is a good program to protect your computer.
  • What does "encryption" mean? - Encryption is the manipulation of a packet's data in order to prevent any but the intended recipient from reading the data.
  • What is a "network"? - A computer network is a data communications system that interconnects computer systems at different sites.

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